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Luna has retired and is no longer available.


Poetry in Motion

There's something irresistible about Luna.

She's enchanting, charming, and at ease with elegance.

Perhaps it's her gravitational pull known to inspire poetry and prose.

We're more inclined to attribute Luna's allure and charm to the delightful juxtaposition of Spanish Guipure lace and sumptuous 4 ply silk crepe.

Our intricate Maypops Guipure lace pattern is feminine and elegant on Luna's shoulders and back yoke.

Her relaxed V neck blouson bodice and fluid sheath silhouette are effortlessly chic and graceful.

A quiet confidence worthy of attention.

Luna is offered in two crepe qualities, allowing you to choose your level of luxury.

Whether silk or synthetic, your Luna gown will be made with peace & love in San Francisco.

The Details

Sheath, Trumpet