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Marina has retired and is no longer available.


Beyond the Sea

Picture the calm waters of the Thousand Island Lake in the Sierra Nevada as it fills the San Joaquin River, and eventually flows into the Pacific ocean.

Our Marina gown evokes our affection for the natural beauty and flow of water, moving with grace and elegance.

In Silk Pebble chiffon, Marina’s hand draped sweetheart neckline and  bodice highlight your curves and define your beautiful waistline. Her romantic off shoulder drape can also be worn as a shoulder strap. Perhaps straps aren’t your style... No matter, strapless is yours to choose, if you so desire.

An ethereal, fluid circle skirt and sashed waistline add movement and calm to this simple, yet dramatic silhouette.

Marina is draped by hand in San Francisco.

The Details

Candle, White