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Are you wooed by the glamour of the roaring 20's? Seduced by the sophistication of the 30's and 40's?  Perhaps mid-century sensibilities feel just right to you...

Who can resist being inspired by these fashion forward decades?  Finding a treasure from a previous era, the best of its kind, it's elating!

We canvass the flea markets, attend costume exhibits, cry through the classics, idolize the leading ladies, and generally drown ourselves in inspiration.  We have an affection for a perfectly placed brooch, the clever cut of a sheath silhouette, the playful charm of a tea length gown...vintage details add texture and intrigue, along with timeless tradition and nostalgic appeal.  

So don't fret if you haven't found your frock at the flea market! From Gatsby inspired looks to star-struck sheaths, the Amy Kuschel collection is peppered with a measure of retro style to fit your needs.  Harken back and tune into your inspiration.  

Be inspired.  Inspire.  Be.